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We can help you with your commercial properties at any stage. During the due diligence phase of purchase, we provide support for tax projections and can help with pre-assessment during the construction of your property. We work with you on your appeals and provide ongoing support through compliance with your local jurisdictions.

Our Real Property Tax Consultants work with you to ensure fair, reasonable, and equitable assessments through opportunity analysis, assessment appeals, acquisition reviews, and more.

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As a real estate professional, I’ve been turning to Bo Vicendese for all my real property needs for over 20 years. The Clearview Group Real Property team has a deep bench to address complex questions and supports all my real property and other tax related requests. From helping us with our due diligence before acquisitions, to handling our appeals, to providing other services such as segregation studies, Bo and Clearview are truly client focused with all the resources I need to run my business. I highly recommend reaching out to Clearview and seeing how they can help!

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How Can I Lower My Commercial Property Tax Liability?

Property owners can appeal assessments based on equality with similar properties or even inconsistencies with their assessment. At Clearview Group, we’ve developed a proven process for compiling and analyzing data for equal analysis that not only relieves the stress of our clients but also helps with their bottom line.

Real Property Tax Assessment Appeal Process

To get started on your real property tax assessment appeal process, we’ll do an initial consultation where we learn about your property types and understand your reasoning for appeal.  

Opportunity Analysis

We will review your commercial real estate portfolio and conduct research on relevant market information and trends.  We’ll analyze how your jurisdiction values your properties and look for miscalculations to identify opportunities for assessment adjustments, with the goal of ensuring your properties are valued fairly and accurately.  


Once the Opportunity Analysis is complete, we’ll review it with you, explain the cost vs. benefits of an appeal, and discuss any possible risks you may see moving forward.  
Though appeals can seem daunting, our real property tax experts are with you every step of the way.  

File the Appeal

We handle filing the appeal with your specific jurisdiction, prepare the analysis presentation, and accompany you as representation at first-level hearings – all while keeping you informed and up to date throughout the entire process.

How We’ve Helped Real Property Tax Clients

Healthcare facility located in MD

1-year savings of $475,000 (last year of triennial) based on segregating the personal property and business value from the real estate.

Class A Office building in MD

3-year tax savings of $449,000 based on tenant allowances and buildout not factored in by assessor.

Affordable Housing property in VA

1-year savings of $159,000 stemming from valuation methodology and education of the valuation process going forward.

Reasons to Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment

While property taxes are a necessary part of ownership, inaccurate assessments can lead to overpayment and a severe financial burden. Let’s explore a few key reasons to appeal your assessment so your property taxes aren’t mistakenly affecting your bottom line.

  • Your assessment included the wrong details of a property: If you’ve uncovered inaccuracies in the details of your property, like building square footage, leasable area, or condition of the property, you have a solid basis for appeal.
  • Your assessment valued a property twice: If one of your properties was valued more than once on your assessment, you can rectify this error through appeal.  
  • Your assessment didn’t value a property similarly to other properties nearby: If your property's assessment seems inconsistent with the valuations of neighboring properties, you’ll have grounds for appeal.
  • Your assessment increased above the legal limit: If your assessment skyrocketed beyond the legal cap in your state, you must file an appeal.


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Meet Your Real Property Tax Advisor

Bo Vicendese
Real Property Tax

Bo Vicendese is a Principal in the State and Local Tax (SALT) Practice at Clearview Group. For over 30 years, Bo has worked as both a property tax consultant and MD assessor. Beginning his career with the Rouse Company, he learned commercial valuation at a very young age and progressed to working on some of the biggest retail and commercial properties across the United States. Although his specialty is retail, he has vast experience in office, multi-family, industrial, and hospitality. He is also knowledgeable in investment valuation and due diligence for commercial investors.

Bo is a current member of the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) and has been appointed to participate in some of their panels.

In his spare time, Bo is a volunteer hitting coach for the East Stroudsburg University softball team, where he was part of the NCSA DII coaching staff of the year in 2023.

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