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Frequently Asked Questions

Accounting and Finance
What accounting and finance services does Clearview Group offer?
What is pre-IPO?
How do I prepare for an audit?
What is audit readiness?
Do I need accounting for mergers and acquisitions?
What are the benefits of outsourcing accounting and finance services?
What is interim staffing?
Audit and Assurance
What areas are covered in an audit of a defined contribution plan?
What are common mistakes with employee benefit plan audits?
When would an audit warrant an ERISA attorney involvement?
What areas does the Department of Labor (DOL) focus on in audits?
What is ERISA?
What triggers a Department of Labor (DOL) audit?
Beyond compliance, what are the benefits of financial statement audit?
How do I know what level of assurance is needed for my financial statement audit?
What are the potential consequences of not being compliant with your EBP audit?
What are some of the typical issues that come up during employee benefit plan audits?
What number of participants requires an annual employee benefit plan audit?
What happens when my business gets audited?
What is an employee benefit plan audit?
How do audits affect my business?
Who needs a financial statement audit?
What is a financial statement audit?
What are the three levels of assurance?
What is assurance?
Compliance and Risk Management
What does Sarbanes-Oxley 404 require, and who does it apply to?
How long does it take to perform a SOC examination?
How often should risk managers perform a risk assessment?
How does a SOX program benefit my company beyond compliance?
Are SOC audits required?
Who needs a SOC audit?
What are the types of SOC reports?
What is SOC compliance?
What is enterprise risk management (ERM)?
When do I need an IT audit?
Why is an IT audit important?
What is an IT audit?
What is the purpose of internal audit?
What is Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance?
ESG Advisory
What is the CSRD?
Why is ESG important?
What is ESG?
Business Income Tax
Can I still claim the Employee Retention Tax Credit?
How do I claim the Employee Retention Tax Credit?
Who qualifies for the Employee Retention Tax Credit?
What is the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC)?
Can I avoid being audited by the IRS?
Can I benefit from the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022?
Can business expenses be deducted without a receipt?
What are the penalties for not paying my business taxes?
What happens if I miss the business income tax deadline?
What is the business income tax extension deadline?
When are business income taxes due?
What are the benefits of hiring a tax advisor for my business?
What is ASC 740?
What is accounting for income tax?
Managed IT
Are we too big for managed IT?
Are we too small for managed IT?
Who is a good candidate for an outsourced managed IT provider?
What industries do you serve with managed IT services?
Do you offer co-management options?
If something goes wrong in the middle of the night, can I contact someone?
What type of managed services pricing model do you use?
What type of managed services pricing models are available?
What's the difference between outsourcing and managed services?
What should businesses look for in a managed IT service provider?
What’s included in managed IT services?
What are the benefits of managed IT services?
What are managed IT services?
State and Local Tax
Are there opportunities to reduce my business personal property tax liabilities?
What if I don't agree with my real estate assessment? Can I argue that the jurisdiction overvalued my property?
If I issue a check to a vendor or an employee and they never cash it, can I just void the check after a period of time?
Why is something taxable in one state but exempt in another state?
Am I required to register in a state for sales and use tax if I only have sales in that state?
What are business licenses and gross receipts?
What is unclaimed property?
What is the difference between sales and use tax?
Is real property tax the same as real estate tax?
What is real property tax?
What states have personal property tax?
What is personal property tax?
What are state and local taxes?
Workiva Solutions
What is the Workiva implementation process like?
What are the critical features of Workiva?
What is Workiva used for?
Who uses Workiva?
What is Workiva?

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