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Food manufacturer builds relationship with audit partner.
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Clearview Group and True Citrus: The Model Audit Partnership

The partnership with True Citrus goes way back, and what makes the relationship so strong is the trust and mutual respect the organizations have for each other, as well as shared values.

Audit and Assurance Services

Financial Statements

Companies of all sizes and in all industries are responsible for accurate financial statement reporting. When assurance is required, you want confidence in the process with limited disruption to business operations.

Your organization may be asked to provide varying levels of assurance regarding financial statements based on factors such as:

  • Lending requirements

  • Board and/or donor expectations

  • Size of your company or organization

We work with you to determine which level of assurance is the right fit for your unique circumstances.

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Audits provide the highest level of effort and are the highest level of assurance.


Reviews are substantially less in scope than audits and provide a medium level of assurance.


A compilation results in a set of financial statements without assurance and therefore, is the lowest level.

Clearview Group's Risk team works on an IT audit and risk assessment.

Employee Benefit Plans

If your business has more than 120 participants in its Employee Benefit Plan, you will need an annual Employee Benefit Plan (EBP) audit. You want your EBP audit done the right way, the first time, at a reasonable price.

With the EBP audit experts from Clearview, you can expect: 

  • Deadlines kept, paperwork filed on-time

  • Clear and consistent communication

  • An anxiety-averse process

  • A dedicated partner and subject matter expert

  • The right price for an annual compliance requirement

With hundreds of Employee Benefit Plan audits under our belt, we'll take the reigns so you can focus on what's important to you - your employees.

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Clearview Group's Risk team works on an IT audit and risk assessment.

Federal Awards Compliance

If your organization spends over $750,000 in federal funding in a given calendar year, you may be subject to a single audit.

A single audit includes a financial statement audit alongside a compliance audit that is program-specific. Single audits are most commonly needed in these types of organizations:

  • Non-profits and not-for-profits

  • Medical facilities such as personal care facilities, rehab centers, medical centers, and biotech labs

  • Government entities, such as cities and counties

  • Cybersecurity Risk and Best Practice Assessments

In some circumstances, you may only need a program-specific compliance audit, but you will need to get permission from your program director.

We can help you navigate your organization's federal awards compliance needs.

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What Our Clients are Saying

True Citrus

Chief Financial Officer

Clearview's audit team is smart and reliable. Beyond that, they respect our business operations. We really appreciate that, and it makes it very easy to call them when we're running into something.

Services Provided
Financial Statement Audit
Tax Compliance
Continental Realty

Chief Administrative Officer

I didn't need to be involved [in the audit] and was able to focus on more important things in the business and not have to worry about this compliance initiative.

Services Provided
Financial Statement Audit
EBP Audit

Meet Your Audit Advisors

Mike Buher

With 30 years of experience in his field, Mike takes complex issues and makes them simple - saving clients time and frustration. Mike is an active Board Member, Treasurer, and Chairman for the Maryland Technology Council, as well as serving as a board member for various non-profits.

Steve Freinberg

Steve is a CPA with more than 12 years of experience providing assurance services and technical accounting expertise for public and private companies, as well as non-profits. Steve is a board member of CFMA and Chair of the CFMA Financial Benchmarker Committee.

Margaret Michael

Margaret is an experienced CPA with over 18 years of public accounting experience. Margaret is an established leader within the employee benefit plan audit industry and provides annual training to auditors at all levels. Margaret is a member of AICPA and MACPA.

Rustin Rosenberger

Rustin touts 13 years of assurance leadership at a big four firm, with specialty expertise in SOX auditing, corporate SOC, internal controls, and general SEC compliance and audit management within the financial services sector.

Employee Benefit Plan Audit in Three Easy Steps

A standard annual audit should be pain-free.
Here's how we work with you to make it just that.

Audit and Assurance


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What are common mistakes with employee benefit plan audits?
When would an audit warrant an ERISA attorney involvement?
What areas does the Department of Labor (DOL) focus on in audits?
What is ERISA?
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