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Brian M. Davis, Managing Director and CEO


For Clearview Group, the key growth factor has been attracting the best talent.

“Our founding vision was to be the destination of choice for the best CPAs and consultants in the region,” says managing director and CEO Brian M. Davis. “Our plan is to become the largest locally based CPA and consulting firm, and do it organically.”

Accordingly, any vision for growth at Clearview includes the creation of opportunities that will attract the best people in the field. For example, the company’s leaders work to eliminate worry by communicating frequently and openly.

QUICK TIP: “We care more about who we have on our team than about the specific tasks we are doing day to day.”

“We have a strong culture, and have regular activities, like happy hours, that allow us to strengthen our personal relationships,” says Davis. “Health, as well as happiness, is important to us. We encourage our employees to attend a boot camp in the morning with me, and have healthy snacks and lunches in the kitchen.”

While Clearview’s culture has been a big help for recruitment and engagement, it also means the company has attracted applicants who aren’t a good fit.

“It’s very easy to deviate from what we know is the right plan to solve a short-term problem when things are moving rapidly,” Davis says. “But we know that at the core, remaining true to who we are is the most important thing.”

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