Clearview Group Launches COVID-19 Recovery Preparedness Team to Assist Businesses With Operational & Financial Functions



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We are pleased to announce the official formation of the Clearview Group Recovery Preparedness Team to lead the development of best practices and understanding of the available local and federal aid programs to prepare Clients for post-coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery. The virus will determine when we can all eventually safely return to routine business operations, but now is the time to prepare, and Clearview Group is well positioned to provide our full range of expertise across operational and financial functions as your business begins its transition to recovery. The Clearview Group Recovery Preparedness Team is hand-selected and poised to provide guidance in addressing specific challenges faced by entity's of all sizes.The Clearview Group Recovery Preparedness Team will be comprised of the following advisors:

As lead of Clearview Group’s Recovery Preparedness Team, Mike will be responsible for leading the development of thought leadership and strategic public and private sector partnerships to help clients best align improved operating practices with new realities. With 30 years of experience in financial reporting and corporate governance and policy, Mike leads teams in the delivery of services to entities across the spectrum – public companies, privately-held entities, and non-profits. Mike will be providing expertise in strategic planning and cash flow modeling to position clients for growth and improvement during recovery, while working closely with banks and key stakeholders throughout the process. Mike’s relationships and understanding of lenders, regulators (such as the SEC and AICPA) uniquely position him to provide guidance on complex regulatory challenges that Clients face.

As an expert in income tax compliance and the leader of Clearview Group’s Income Tax practice, Brian will provide thought leadership and tools to assist companies navigating complex COVID-19 related tax matters and other planning considerations. With over two decades of experience, Brian is well-versed in complex tax issues faced by multiple business entity types across a wide variety of industries. As a member of the recovery preparedness team, Brian will be providing guidance for Clients on tax effects brought forth by continually changing federal incentives and programs (including the coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act in addition to tax payment and tax filing relief interpretation).

With more than 20 years of tenure in the Accounting and Finance field, Brenan Redman will be contributing high-level financial direction and input that will assist businesses identify, assess and remediate impactful operational and financial stressors, helping to promote business sustainability and growth post-COVID-19 as the global economy continues to shift and regulatory updates evolve. As a former CFO & COO, Brenan’s direct experience in operations and financial leadership provides him with extensive experience around cash flow management, personnel challenges, loans and assistance, cost cutting, interim crisis management, regulatory challenges, supply chain management and performance improvement.  While addressing these areas, Brenan can assist organizations by developing a road map, prioritizing collaboration and stabilization that will promote and frame success for the months and years to come.

With nearly 20 years of State and Local Tax Consulting experience, Chris is uniquely qualified to help companies identify ways to offset some of the financial impact of the crisis. Chris’ role with the Recovery Preparedness Team is to provide companies with strategies beyond the federal aid programs to reduce expenses and increase cash flow. Chris will leverage his experience in the unique state and local tax areas of real & personal property taxes, as well as, sales & use taxes to identify and help companies secure recoveries or future tax reductions that can be used to ease the economic burden of the crisis. Chris’ clients range from small privately held to Fortune 500 companies across a broad range of industries.

With a diverse business background, Tina has practiced Human Resources and Organizational Management for over 20 years. As part of Clearview Group’s Recovery Preparedness Team, Tina will be providing thought leadership around business continuity plans, drive effective and appropriate facilitation of the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act (EPSLA) and Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act (EFMLEA) programs, navigate effective return to work strategies where appropriate, and help manage employee communication and interpretation. She will drive key personnel-related decisions and integrate strategic processes where needed.

The Clearview Group Recovery Team is committed to providing our full breadth of services through each engagement to afford business leaders the ability to move confidently through the ambiguity caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Our trusted advisors will continue to build trust and enable long term Client success by arming businesses with the necessary tools to forge a clear path forward to a prosperous future.We are here to assist as your business navigates the challenges and opportunities in this unique environment.

For a consultation with a member of the Clearview Group Recovery Preparedness Team, contact Clearview Group’s Recovery Team lead, Mike Buher at or (410) 415-9722.

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