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In today’s complex IT environment, every organization is tasked with balancing its users’ technology needs, speed, ease of use and convenience, against the critical needs to keep information safe and secure as attacks with malicious intent become seemingly more sophisticated by the day. These themes are especially relevant today as many organizations moved to a fully remote working environment earlier in the year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While this shift proved beneficial for businesses striving to maintain some degree of operational integrity as economic activity had and remains fluctuating, it’s imperative that the controlled performance and the consistency of IT practices stay resolute.

This notion, coupled with the need to provide employees the access to necessary tools to complete their tasks in a remote environment, can leave organizations vulnerable if security protocols are not continually re-prioritized. That’s where Clearview Group comes in.

As a company that believes in compliance being the by-product of reasonable and consistent IT practices, Clearview Group partners with their Clients to evaluate IT environments and provide real solutions in strengthening controls while maintaining efficient operations.

“Our role is to assist our Clients by acting as an advisor to understand their needs as they relate to the changing industry standards and requirements.  We help by implementing the proper technology that works as an enabler for their business and aligns with the size and complexity of their organization,” says Aaron Kerr, the Director of IT Risk Advisory at Clearview Group.

For instance, in the present pandemic context, Clearview Group has been assisting its Clients handle various technology constraints to maintain compliance, whether it be state government agencies implementing complex  remote work enablement or an SMB/startup requiring a simple push toward working in the new environment.

“We support our Clients by assessing what they really need and ensuring systems operate optimally to support their organization’s strategic vision,” states Kerr.

"We'll help clients ensure systems operate optimally to support their organization's strategic vision by assessing what they really need."

As a licensed CPA firm, Clearview Group also provides SOC reports for service organizations to assure their customers through a single, consistent report. Additionally, the Management Consulting firm offers a comprehensive SOC readiness assessment program that prepares companies for undergoing SOC audits. The assessment focuses not only on controls and processes but also on educating clients on the various requirements related to SOC reporting. Clearview Group’s assessment objective extends beyond providing a review of SOC controls. They believe that a quality audit should be a sales enablement tool that yields useful information for management and be a valuable tool in recognizing opportunities and identifying areas that can be strengthened remotely.In addition to developing and optimizing programs to address SOC requirements, Clearview Group’s industry-leading Cyber Scorecard can provide peace of mind through coverage over a company’s cyber controls.

“The Cyber Scorecard offering is meant to provide clients with a holistic view of cybersecurity posture that can be consumed by business leaders. We use frameworks such as the new DoD Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Framework, Center for Internet Security (CIS) Top 20, or the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as our evaluation lens,” mentions Kerr.

Clearview Group’s Cyber Scorecard delivers compelling visuals, easy to understand results, and transparency in approach.  With extensive knowledge of regulatory and best practice frameworks, Clearview Group combines its knowledge in IT audit and risk mitigation with technical skills in cybersecurity and IT operations to provide clients with a clear roadmap to compliance and a view of how technical investments mitigate key risks to the organization.Equally invaluable to Clearview Group is their alliance with industry leading partners such as Workiva.

Known for their simplification of complex work for thousands of organizations worldwide, customers trust Workiva’s open, intelligent, and intuitive platform to connect data, documents and teams for improved efficiency, greater transparency, and less risk. Combing Clearview Group’s talented staff of subject matter experts with cloud technology from Workiva allows for purpose-built solutions that solve complex business challenges.Another differentiator for Clearview Group is its team comprised of experts who bring both comprehensive, Big 4 experience and veterans who have worked within some of nation’s largest companies’ IT operations. This delivers both the technical expertise and a deep understanding of specific compliance requirements needed to have an immediate impact.

For the future, Clearview Group will continue to adapt according to the new trends and requirements and push to perform exemplary Client delivery services nationwide.

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